Liquid Bearings, BEST 100%-synthetic oil for Cuckoo or any vintage clocks, READ!

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These are bottles of Liquid Bearings, the legendary oil that everyone has loved that has ever purchased it (please read our 100% positive feedback).These are brand new 1-fluid-oz. bottles with the characteristic needle dispenser tip.   This is the synthetic lubricant that consistently outperforms all others currently available. It attains DOUBLE the performance in the metal-to-metal grind tests of other clock oils, and has incredible low and high-temperature characteristics, which is absolutely necessary for proper clock lubrication but completely lacking in petroleum-based oils. Don't use them on your clocks any longer! Actual oils leave sticky deposits when the short-chain molecule components evaporate over time.  Petro-oils vs. synthetics: Petroleum-based oils lack both the lubrication performance and oxidation stability of synthetics. Real oil is made up of a mixture of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and under certain conditions the... [Read more]
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