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China Brass cloisonne statue of Duke Guan 铜景泰蓝关公 铜 像bjj 2/21塑像表情稳重而威武,战袍施景泰蓝,包浆浑厚,可惜长刀丢失。应是明末清初物品。Statue expression is stable and powerful, the battle robe is decorated with cloisonne, the oxide layer is thick, but the long knife is lost. Should be late Ming and early Qing articles.Size: High 9.0 in, weight 5 LB 3 OZShipping:see details.we combine shipping for save your postage.  If you bought items over $1,000 or over 10 items, free shipping for you(in US). Return Policysorry, no return. [Read more]
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